finish nghĩa là gì trong Tiếng Việt?

finish nghĩa là gì, định nghĩa, các sử dụng và ví dụ trong Tiếng Anh. Cách phát âm finish giọng bản ngữ. Từ đồng nghĩa, trái nghĩa của finish.

Từ điển Anh Việt

  • finish


    * danh từ

    sự kết thúc, sự kết liễu; phần cuối, phần kết thúc, đoạn kết thúc

    to fight to a finish: đánh đến cùng

    to be in at the finish: (săn) có mặt lúc hạ con cáo; có mặt lúc kết thúc

    the finish of the race: đoạn cuối của cuộc đua; đích của cuộc đua

    sự sang sửa, cuối cùng, sự hoàn thiện

    tích chất kỹ, tính chất trau chuốt

    * ngoại động từ

    hoàn thành, kết thúc, làm xong

    to finish one's work: làm xong công việc

    dùng hết, ăn (uống) hết, ăn (uống) sạch

    sang sửa lần cuối cùng

    hoàn chỉnh sự giáo dục của (ai)

    (thông tục) giết chết, cho đi đời

    (thông tục) làm mệt nhoài

    (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ), (thông tục) làm cho không còn giá trị gì nữa

    to finish off

    hoàn thành, kết thúc, làm xong

    giết chết, kết liễu

    to finish up

    hoàn thành, kết thúc, làm xong ((như) to finish off)

    dùng hết, ăn hết sạch; ăn nốt cho hết

    to finish with

    hoàn thành, kết thúc, làm xong ((như) to finish off)

    chấm dứt mọi quan hệ với; thờ ơ với

  • finish

    hoàn thành, kết thúc

Từ điển Anh Việt - Chuyên ngành

  • finish

    * kinh tế

    sự hoàn thiện

    sự kết thúc

    * kỹ thuật

    gia công tinh

    hoàn tất

    hoàn thành

    hoàn thiện

    kết thúc

    làm phẳng

    lớp hoàn thiện

    mài nhẵn

    mặt phẳng ngoài

    sự hoàn thành

    sự hoàn thiện

    sự kết thúc

    sự tinh sửa

    sự trang sửa

    sự tu sửa

    ô tô:

    bề mặt sơn

    dệt may:

    sự hoàn tất

    hóa học & vật liệu:

    vật liệu phủ

Từ điển Anh Anh - Wordnet

  • finish

    the place designated as the end (as of a race or journey)

    a crowd assembled at the finish

    he was nearly exhausted as their destination came into view

    Synonyms: destination, goal

    designated event that concludes a contest (especially a race)

    excitement grew as the finish neared

    my horse was several lengths behind at the finish

    the winner is the team with the most points at the finish

    the downfall of someone (as of persons on one side of a conflict)

    booze will be the finish of him

    it was a fight to the finish

    (wine tasting) the taste of a wine on the back of the tongue (as it is swallowed)

    the wine has a nutty flavor and a pleasant finish

    the act of finishing

    his best finish in a major tournament was third

    the speaker's finishing was greeted with applause

    Synonyms: finishing

    Antonyms: start

    provide with a finish

    The carpenter finished the table beautifully

    this shirt is not finished properly

    cause to finish a relationship with somebody

    That finished me with Mary


    coating: a decorative texture or appearance of a surface (or the substance that gives it that appearance)

    the boat had a metallic finish

    he applied a coat of a clear finish

    when the finish is too thin it is difficult to apply evenly

    Synonyms: finishing

    stopping point: the temporal end; the concluding time

    the stopping point of each round was signaled by a bell

    the market was up at the finish

    they were playing better at the close of the season

    Synonyms: finale, finis, last, conclusion, close

    polish: a highly developed state of perfection; having a flawless or impeccable quality

    they performed with great polish

    I admired the exquisite refinement of his prose

    almost an inspiration which gives to all work that finish which is almost art"--Joseph Conrad

    Synonyms: refinement, culture, cultivation

    ending: event whose occurrence ends something

    his death marked the ending of an era

    when these final episodes are broadcast it will be the finish of the show

    Synonyms: conclusion

    Antonyms: beginning

    complete: come or bring to a finish or an end; others finished in over 4 hours"

    He finished the dishes

    She completed the requirements for her Master's Degree

    The fastest runner finished the race in just over 2 hours

    finish up: finally be or do something

    He ended up marrying his high school sweetheart

    he wound up being unemployed and living at home again

    Synonyms: land up, fetch up, end up, wind up

    end: have an end, in a temporal, spatial, or quantitative sense; either spatial or metaphorical

    the bronchioles terminate in a capillary bed

    Your rights stop where you infringe upon the rights of other

    My property ends by the bushes

    The symphony ends in a pianissimo

    Synonyms: stop, terminate, cease

    Antonyms: begin

    eat up: finish eating all the food on one's plate or on the table

    She polished off the remaining potatoes

    Synonyms: polish off