leading nghĩa là gì trong Tiếng Việt?

leading nghĩa là gì, định nghĩa, các sử dụng và ví dụ trong Tiếng Anh. Cách phát âm leading giọng bản ngữ. Từ đồng nghĩa, trái nghĩa của leading.

Từ điển Anh Việt

  • leading


    * danh từ

    sự lânh đạo, sự hướng dẫn, sự dẫn đầu

    thế lực, ảnh hưởng

    men of light and leading: những người có uy tín và thế lực

    * tính từ

    lânh đạo, hướng dẫn, dẫn đầu

    leading ship: tàu dẫn đầu

    leading body: bộ phận lânh đạo

    chủ đạo, chính, quan trọng

    leading idea: ý chủ đạo

Từ điển Anh Việt - Chuyên ngành

  • leading

    * kỹ thuật




    đi trước

    gián cách dòng

    hướng dẫn

    quan trọng

    sự dẫn hướng

    sự lãnh đạo

    toán & tin:

    cách quãng

    ô tô:

    dẫn đầu


    sự vượt pha

Từ điển Anh Anh - Wordnet

  • leading

    indicating the most important performer or role

    the leading man

    prima ballerina

    prima donna

    a star figure skater

    the starring role

    a stellar role

    a stellar performance

    Synonyms: prima, star, starring, stellar

    greatest in importance or degree or significance or achievement

    our greatest statesmen

    the country's leading poet

    a preeminent archeologist

    Synonyms: preeminent

    going or proceeding or going in advance; showing the way

    we rode in the leading car

    the leading edge of technology

    Antonyms: following


    lead: thin strip of metal used to separate lines of type in printing

    leadership: the activity of leading

    his leadership inspired the team

    lead: take somebody somewhere

    We lead him to our chief

    can you take me to the main entrance?

    He conducted us to the palace

    Synonyms: take, direct, conduct, guide

    leave: have as a result or residue

    The water left a mark on the silk dress

    Her blood left a stain on the napkin

    Synonyms: result, lead

    lead: tend to or result in

    This remark lead to further arguments among the guests

    lead: travel in front of; go in advance of others

    The procession was headed by John

    Synonyms: head

    lead: cause to undertake a certain action

    Her greed led her to forge the checks

    run: stretch out over a distance, space, time, or scope; run or extend between two points or beyond a certain point

    Service runs all the way to Cranbury

    His knowledge doesn't go very far

    My memory extends back to my fourth year of life

    The facts extend beyond a consideration of her personal assets

    Synonyms: go, pass, lead, extend

    head: be in charge of

    Who is heading this project?

    Synonyms: lead

    lead: be ahead of others; be the first

    she topped her class every year

    Synonyms: top

    contribute: be conducive to

    The use of computers in the classroom lead to better writing

    Synonyms: lead, conduce

    conduct: lead, as in the performance of a composition; Barenboim conducted the Chicago symphony for years"

    conduct an orchestra

    Synonyms: lead, direct

    go: lead, extend, or afford access

    This door goes to the basement

    The road runs South

    Synonyms: lead

    precede: move ahead (of others) in time or space

    Synonyms: lead

    Antonyms: follow

    run: cause something to pass or lead somewhere

    Run the wire behind the cabinet

    Synonyms: lead

    moderate: preside over

    John moderated the discussion

    Synonyms: chair, lead

    ahead: having the leading position or higher score in a contest

    he is ahead by a pawn

    the leading team in the pennant race

    Synonyms: in the lead