stupefying nghĩa là gì trong Tiếng Việt?

stupefying nghĩa là gì, định nghĩa, các sử dụng và ví dụ trong Tiếng Anh. Cách phát âm stupefying giọng bản ngữ. Từ đồng nghĩa, trái nghĩa của stupefying.

Từ điển Anh Anh - Wordnet

  • stupefying

    making physically stupid or dull or insensible

    a stupefying blow to the head

    the stupefying effects of hemp

    shocking with surprise and consternation

    the stupefying impact of the tragedy


    besot: make dull or stupid or muddle with drunkenness or infatuation

    Synonyms: stupefy

    perplex: be a mystery or bewildering to

    This beats me!

    Got me--I don't know the answer!

    a vexing problem

    This question really stuck me

    Synonyms: vex, stick, get, puzzle, mystify, baffle, beat, pose, bewilder, flummox, stupefy, nonplus, gravel, amaze, dumbfound

    stun: make senseless or dizzy by or as if by a blow

    stun fish

    Synonyms: stupefy

    astonishing: so surprisingly impressive as to stun or overwhelm

    such an enormous response was astonishing

    an astounding achievement

    the amount of money required was staggering

    suffered a staggering defeat

    the figure inside the boucle dress was stupefying

    Synonyms: astounding, staggering

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