lawrence nghĩa là gì trong Tiếng Việt?

lawrence nghĩa là gì, định nghĩa, các sử dụng và ví dụ trong Tiếng Anh. Cách phát âm lawrence giọng bản ngữ. Từ đồng nghĩa, trái nghĩa của lawrence.

Từ điển Anh Anh - Wordnet

  • lawrence

    Roman martyr; supposedly Lawrence was ordered by the police to give up the church's treasure and when he responded by presenting the poor people of Rome he was roasted to death on a gridiron (died in 258)

    Synonyms: Saint Lawrence, St. Lawrence, Laurentius

    Welsh soldier who from 1916 to 1918 organized the Arab revolt against the Turks; he later wrote an account of his adventures (1888-1935)

    Synonyms: T. E. Lawrence, Thomas Edward Lawrence, Lawrence of Arabia

    English portrait painter remembered for the series of portraits of the leaders of the alliance against Napoleon (1769-1830)

    Synonyms: Sir Thomas Lawrence

    English actress (1898-1952)

    Synonyms: Gertrude Lawrence

    United States physicist who developed the cyclotron (1901-1958)

    Synonyms: E. O. Lawrence, Ernest Orlando Lawrence

    English novelist and poet and essayist whose work condemned industrial society and explored sexual relationships (1885-1930)

    Synonyms: D. H. Lawrence, David Herbert Lawrence

    a town in northeastern Kansas on the Kansas River; scene of raids by John Brown in 1856

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